Why VPS Hosting is Essential for your Website’s SEO?

In this age of digitalization, VPS hosting is the top most reliable, and flexible hosting service.  It is used by almost all medium-sized to moderately huge organizations. Furthermore, VPS architecture ensures better performance, reliable speed, security, and flexibility. Where all of these are critical to ensure a quality user experience as well as a better SEO performance.  

Getting a strong SEO score is essential to enhancing search engine exposure. Moreover, reaching a higher ranking position since the SEO performance of your website will influence its search engine positioning. Additionally, your SEO efforts are directly impacted by the hosting of your website.

Well in today’s blog, we are enlightened what is the importance of VPS hosting to your website’s SEO and also how can you improve it. But, let’s understand with the basic term what VPS hosting is. So, let’s get started!

VPS Hosting – A Quick Lookup


The term “VPS Hosting” refers to a hosting solution that enables multiple websites to share a single server. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. However, to create virtual, independent servers for each website, server virtualization and hypervisors are employed. Each website on the server, therefore, has its own set of resources and is totally separate from the others.

For instance, the resources of a VPS package with 6GB RAM, 200GB storage, and 4 CPU cores are exclusively yours. Therefore, you are not shared with any other websites on the server.

Well, each website behaves like an independent and small server which is known as a Virtual Private Server. The benefits of this isolation offer you to get more control over your environment. Consequently, you can tune your website according to your exact taste. Linux VPS (also known as Full Root access), and Windows VPS (also known as Administrative access) aid you to customize your server as per your specific requirements. 



SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, a main key factor for any website’s success. Well, good SEO indicates that your website is running at the top of the search engines. This is due to the fact that the content on your website has been optimized for appearance in search engine results.

Organic traffic will be driven to your website by good SEO. The majority of marketing tactics are concerned with how to reach out to potential clients. However, excellent SEO will direct potential clients to your website, which is why it is so important.

SEO is a broad topic, and its significance and impact are beyond the scope of this article. However, VPS has a few distinct advantages that are ideal for SEO. 

Charming Gains of SEO by Utilizing VPS


Numerous core gains of SEO are associated with the utilization of VPS. Where some of them are the following. So, let’s investigate them!

1. Website Loading Speed:


The market leader in this area, Google, has said that its search engine algorithms favor faster websites over slow ones. This basically means that the faster website will be displayed higher than the slower one if all other components remain constant.

Any website can load quickly thanks to VPS. The performance of a VPS website is entirely stable around-the-clock because all of its resources are exclusively dedicated to it. To increase speed, all you need to do is simply add extra resources to your current plan. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Once you’ve established the resources your website needs, performance issues won’t arise until you see a significant rise in traffic. Consequently, your website will be faster forever.

2. Reliability:


Website reliability is also essential to search engines. When search engines lead people to a website that is not working, it’s doesn’t matter what was the reason, people don’t appreciate it. Result, website reliability is also essential for search engine algorithms.

Well, reliability can be measured with a unit, known as uptime. It is expressed in percentage. For instance, the expectations of uptime greater than 99% will be possible, if you get your VPS hosting from a reputable company.

VPS is inherently very dependable due to the fact that webpages are confined within a server. Without isolation, one website’s behavior may negatively affect other websites on the server. Website isolation makes sure that other websites on the server won’t have a negative impact on your website.

3. Security:


There are a few indications that the increase in cyberattacks is slowing down. Search engines now take website security very seriously since people are more worried than ever about issues like data security and privacy.

All websites must share a single IP address since the IP address is given to a server rather than a website in a hosting setup that does not enable isolation.

Assume a website on your server is spamming users or sending them links to phishing attacks. Because of this, search engines typically block the IP address as a response. This disables every website on a server, not just the offending one, in case you hadn’t guessed.

Each website functions as its own server in a VPS environment, as was previously mentioned. The same is true for IP addresses. Because each VPS website receives a unique IP address, the problem of search engine blacklisting is completely resolved.

Furthermore, since there is only one directory in a shared hosting system, the security of all the other websites on that server is at risk if a hacker gains access to one website.

This will never occur with VPS Hosting, thanks to the environment’s basic infrastructure. There is no idea of a central directory, and there are distinct directories for each website. As a result, the threat to a particular website is completely localized and has no bearing on any other websites running on the server.

4. Root Access:


To be in easy words, root access indicates a username in the Linux server. Well, the root user is known as the system admin that gets the highest level of control and access to the system.

Since there is only one level playing field and modifications made with root access may have an unfavorable impact on other websites, web hosting companies typically cannot provide root access in hosting systems where multiple websites share a single server.

With a VPS, though, you essentially have your own little server and complete root access. With root access, you may modify the server’s ports, set up server-wide applications, add third-party security solutions, optimize JavaScript delivery, and do a lot more to enhance the safety and functionality of your website. This will improve your SEO as a result.

Final Thought:

Well, VPS is one of the most powerful methods for hosting. Furthermore, it offers a dedicated hosting-like performance that depends on a fraction of the price. Besides, it just only helps you with your SEO but is also a powerful hosting method that handles high traffic and power dynamic websites with ease.

While buying a VPS hosting solution, you need to make sure that the company should be reputable from where you buy.

AtGo4hosting we offer reliable and sturdy Cloud hosting that aids you to run your website faster along with ensuring utmost security. So, get in touch with our expert team if you are looking for something similar and want to achieve the best SEO performance.

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