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The LED lighting industry has expanded rapidly in the last few years as organizations and individuals seek for better lighting options. LEDs consume less than a quarter of incandescent and fluorescence bulbs and have a lifespan of several years. This has made LED lighting to be widely used for both commercial and residential use because of the benefits associated with it.


However, with the availability of numerous LED bulbs, how do you get to the right source for cheap commercial grade LED lights? Here we will discuss the direct purchasing of LED modules from wholesalers – it is always a great idea for those looking for a large amount of fixtures for an entire commercial building or large-scale lighting project at a reasonable price.


Benefits of Purchasing LED Modules from Wholesalers


Cost Savings


The first advantage of buying from an LED wholesaler is the fact that it is cheaper than having to buy directly from the manufacturers or from other retail stores. LED wholesalers are able to purchase a bulk amount of LED components directly from the manufacturers. It is therefore able to offer products at lower prices because the costs incurred in buying in bulk, packaging, storage and transportation are way lower than that of single units. You may expect to pay 30-50% less than the price that is provided by local retail lighting stores for similar commercial LED modules.


Broad Selection of Models  


This means that there are many LED wholesalers to choose from, and these companies have many different LED Module Wholesale available. Whereas a single local store might source dozens of different models, large volume wholesalers may have hundreds of different LED modules to choose from from most of the principal manufacturers. This enables you to get the type of lighting output in lumens, colour temperature, beam spread and physical size that you require for a particular application. Although they may not necessarily have the exact modules on your list in their inventory, most wholesalers can arrange to have the specific ones developed and they can be supplied in virtually any amount.


### Quality Control and Testing


Professional LED wholesalers usually subject the modules to various tests in order to confirm that they are fit for the capabilities that are put forward and that they are operational as soon as they are sold. They also take full responsibility on the products through their generous warranty programs as well. Quality control and assurances of reliability, provide buyers with additional comfort that costs savings are not the result of a reduction in quality or efficiency.


What to Look for in an LED Module Wholesaler


Price Transparency 

Pricing on LED modules should be made prominent to the public for each model of the product. Through the pricing strategy, reputable wholesalers are quite open as they understand they are dealing with trusted suppliers. One should avoid any wholesaler that only offers bulk price which can be requested or any wholesaler who offers cheap prices without showing the part numbers.  


Customer Service and Support

When again, choose wholesalers that offer technical support before sale and product advice beside after sale support. It is informative to share a lot about the idea of a difficult lighting project, and that is a great advantage.



Most LED wholesalers can provide multi-year warranties which will be economical over the life of a lighting system as compared to the overall cost of replacing a system. Often go for those with the longest and more detailed warranty provisions.  


Company History/Longevity 

Out there there are numerous traditional led wholesalers who opened their shops for a short time and closed shop. Consult with the endurance of the company, it’s always recommendable to work with companies that have been in the market for quite some time so that they can prove their worth in terms of finance. This shields your lighting investment for the years to come, as you do not have to buy new lightings frequently.


Purchase Convenience  

The wholesalers should make it easy for customers of credit cards type and make it easily accessible for customers to order online, through a phone and physically with fast services and fast delivery.




Purchasing LED lighting modules from specialized wholesalers means that the company can benefit from the wholesalers’ procurement in terms of the price savings compared to the conventional retail outlets. This way you get to access a larger pool of models with regard to quality and performance of the item in question. By following the steps outlined above, you will be able to identify an LED wholesaler that fits your financial capacity and also offer professional services including purchasing assistance even if you have a limited budget. In return, there is the achievement of efficient, energy-saving, and cheap commercial lighting.


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