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Providing HABC Highfield Health and Safety Trainings in the Middle East, Ahlansafety

To operate a successful business, you need employees who are not only skilled but also safe and secure. Is a sick or injured employee valuable to your organization? Can unsuitable and feeble employees generate profitable revenue? No, you cannot! You must therefore align your strategies with global health and safety standards. is a Middle Eastern provider of HABC Highfield health and safety training; send your management and staff there for instruction.

What is Highfield Health and Safety Training provided by HABC?

The Highfield Award Body of Compliance (HABC) is auditing, health & safety, and food safety certification. It was founded by Richard Sprenger, a well-known author of safety publications sold by Highfield, as a family business. It now offers over 200 certifications, each of which requires the completion of multiple levels. When it comes to fire safety, security, and first aid certifications, HABC is your best bet. provides health and safety training to administrators and employees of various organizations by HABC standards. It also provides them with reputable certifications that assist them greatly in securing their businesses.

How does AhlanSafety offer HABC training?

For its safety and training courses, Ahlansafety observes international standards. The HABC training is also provided by international standards. There are four levels, level 1 through level 4, ranging from introductory to advanced management courses. The Highfield facilities offer their courses throughout the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman, as well as the entirety of Asia.

The HABC training course at provides Ofqual-regulated qualifications in addition to four levels of certification. It conforms to the highest quality standards in the United Kingdom.

The Highfield certification verifies that you are well-versed in all matters pertaining to food safety, security, and first aid. Unfortunately, even the largest companies in Pakistan disregard the importance of safety management, which is why the country continues to lag behind other developing nations.

When fundamental first aid knowledge, food safety, and security are not given due importance, an industry cannot grow and prosper. Ahlanfield’s Highfield accreditations make it possible to bring your business in line with global benchmarks. When employees’ health and safety are ensured, and they have access to clean, nutritious sustenance at work, their productivity increases over time.

How Do I Enroll in the HABC Course at Highfield?

Well, it is essential to note that this course is recommended for upper-level management, including managers and supervisors with direct safety responsibilities. Additionally, there are forty hours of guided learning in this course, so be prepared to devote time to it. However, you must pass a test to enroll in this course.

You must pass a multiple-choice exam, and topics covered include health and safety policies, duties and responsibilities, devising risk assessment, incident investigation, and safe work systems. Read also!


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