Knowing Brick Homes from Brick Home Builders

Brick Home Builders Toowoomba are a special breed of building contractors whose specialties are constructing brick homes which many consider as luxury homes.


By and large, they are renowned for their custom and quality floor plan layouts. As builders, they help their clients with meticulous planning all the way to completing the client’s dream house.




Currently, there are many reputable Australian construction companies that claim they can beautifully build luxury homes made of bricks that can last a lifetime, maybe more.


Some companies even claim they can provide clients with custom brick or double brick homes no matter the size of the project.


These builders have ahefty number of years of experience providing their customers with the homes they’ve always wanted. It does not even matter whether the house is large or small, a knockdown and rebuilt project, whether it has a large or small home swimming pools or something opulent.

Materials for building homes


Basically, everyone knows that bricks can make beautiful homes. Some claimed that bricks have been a popular home building material for a long time, stretching from Biblical times. All the reasons for this are for good.


Even back then, brick homes are eco-friendly, have a long lifespan, and are low-maintenance.


However, they are expensive but and they’re also expensive to buy or build and have the potential for structural issues, like many other home types. Also, if you want a change of color, brick homes are expensive and challenging to paint on.


Brick home builders are familiar with bricks as building materials.


The upside of brick houses


To date, there are still old-school brick houses that are still standing for a reason. Builders use a sturdy eco-friendly material that can often withstand even the harshest winds and flames.


The modern brick homes these days are actually f clay and shale, which are natural and abundant. In addition, but bricks are easy to recycle if the house ever needs to come down.


One example is that if you decide to tear down a non-load bearing wall, you can still repurpose the bricks to line pathways, build a garden wall, or, at worst, have them broken up and used as sub-base matter.


Natural resistance


Bricks are also naturally resistant to mold, rot, and mildew because they’re able to cope with high humidity. Since they can be repurposed, they can last for far longer times.


An eco-friendly factor had been discovered from discarded brick materials. When they do finally degrade or are no longer suitable for repurposing, they won’t leach harmful chemicals or micro particles into the environment.


Energy efficient


As one of the most energy-efficient material to build with, bricks have a heat capacity of 0.84 Joules per Kelvin. (wood, which only has a 0.42 heat capacity). This helps keep heat out and cool air in.


Compared to wood, bricks hold nearly double the amount of heat.Combine brick with insulation for the best results.


Durable exteriors


Brick houses hold up against the test of time better than vinyl and wood. They can withstand high impact without cracking or denting. This also means that fires won’t spread as easily in or out of the house.


Pizza parlors actually use brick ovens. They can reach very high temperatures before they start to crack or shatter.


Little maintenance


Banking on the durability of its building materials, brick homes also comes low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about denting or rotting with a brick exterior like you would with vinyl or wood.


Termites and carpenter ants don’t have anything to feed on, so they’ll leave your brick home alone.You don’t even need to paint the brick afterward if you don’t want to.


Color retention


Modern brick houses often retain their color for over 20 years. If you don’t stain or paint the brick and rely on natural hues instead, the color may last a lifetime.


(However, you will need to pressure wash it every now and then.)


You can also take a few brick exterior maintenance steps, including checking the siding for any missing parts or cracks and ensuring the weep holes aren’t clogged.


More value


Homes with brick exteriors retain their value or appreciate more in value better than homes with wood or fiber cement siding. That’s because brick has a timeless appearance, boosted curb appeal.


It needs little maintenance, and potentially lasts for hundreds of years. Plus, homes with brick siding cost up to 8% less to insure.


Fire resistant


Since they are made of clay, bricks are fire retardant and is not combustible. They have a high fire resistance rating, and can withstand or confine the spread of a fire for one to four hours, depending on the type of clay used. Remember, clay bricks are fired to a startling 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, so they can easily withstand extreme temperatures.


Resistance to weather damage


Due to their robust construction, brick homes can withstand all types of weather conditions, including high pressure, high humidity, heat, and frost.


Bricks can tolerate the freeze-thaw cycle that wreaks havoc on other building materials. An added bonus is that bricks don’t rot or harbor mold, regardless of humidity levels.


Bricks Block Noise / holds heat


Because they’re naturally thick and dense, bricks have excellent sound dampening capabilities. With a brick cavity wall, you can expect an average noise reduction of 50bB and, for a solid wall, a reduction of 53dB.


At most, bricks hold heat and slowly release it into the atmosphere. This also keeps the internal temperature of the home stable.


In addition, this maximizes energy efficiency because it means that your HVAC doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain the desired temperature.


Design possibilities


Bricks can have several designs design because not all of them are uniform red. There are many different hues to choose from, ranging from gray to yellow to red.


You’ll also find bricks of different sizes and different mortar finishing techniques. So you do have a number of design possibilities when it comes to brick exteriors.


For brick home builders, it is the versatility of the materials (bricks) that easily brings out their own creative sides in constructing houses made of bricks.

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