I Attempted Tunde Oyeneyin’s Arm Problem For A Month

I’ll be truthful. I’m just a little obsessive about Peloton. Do I believe like I do know the instructors in my view? Sure. Are they speaking immediately to me once they say ‘do not drop the weights?’ In fact! Do I like getting a gold “badge” for understanding a couple of days in a row or finishing a problem? Each. Unmarried. Time. (Perhaps, I am so much obsessive about Peloton.) So, once I agreed to do the Tunde Oyeneyin 10-minute arm problem, I used to be all in.

First issues first: When you have labored out with Tunde prior to, her depth. If you have not, biceps curls are the “restoration.” (Get it?) However as Tunde likes to mention, “the ache as of late is the trade the next day.”

So, sure I volunteered for 30 days of ache exercises within the title of modified hands. Tunde’s arm problem is composed of a unmarried 10-minute arm exercise repeated 4 instances in a single week, adopted by means of a brand new 10-minute arm exercise the next week. Tunde’s problem spans 36 weeks (6 months), however I dedicated to at least one month. I deliberate to finish 4 other 10-minute exercises all through 4 weeks this summer season (16 exercises overall).


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Take a look at Peloton App and Tunde’s categories (Loose!)

The purpose of every magnificence is to tone your higher physique, and Tunde recommends the usage of 1 to three pound weights. Her approach is gentle weight with prime reps, however don’t be fooled. The ones 3 pounders nonetheless burn. (I imply burn.)

This is how my hands fared thru 4 weeks of Tunde’s arm problem on Peloton:

The Arm Problem Exercise

One fast word prior to I am getting into the main points. The arm problem is casual, you do not join at the Peloton app. As a substitute, Tunde drops new 10-minute arm on-demand exercises a couple of instances a month, stocks her instructions, and any individual can apply alongside. (Check out one instance sweat underneath.)

10-Minute Arm Exercise:
Biceps (3 mins – Curls, Flipped Grip Curls, Unmarried Arm Curls)
Triceps (2 mins – Kickbacks, Dangle, Pulses, Kickbacks)
Restoration (30 seconds – Hammer Curls)
Triceps (1 minute – Kickbacks, Pulses)
Shoulders (3:half-hour – Lateral Elevate, Gradual Lateral Elevate, Entrance Elevate, Gradual Entrance Elevate, Rotations)

Every regimen is in keeping with time, no longer reps. Tunde directs when to begin and prevent strikes, or when to modify positions and pace. All the exercise is simplest 10 mins, there’s little-to-no restoration time inbuilt. “Restoration” is a unfastened time period as it truly simply approach switching muscle teams. As an example, after running 3 mins of triceps, Tunde’s model of “restoration” is a shoulder press or biceps curls (or 50).

I adopted a scheduled from Peloton contributors who stuffed within the blanks with explicit magnificence dates (sign up for Fb teams like Tunde’s Military to get admission to). Or, you’ll be able to filter out your Peloton app for power, Tunde as the teacher, 10-minutes in duration, “hands and light-weight weights” as the category kind, after which scroll down till you to find the right kind magnificence date. You’ll be able to additionally apply the hashtag #TundeArmy to hook up with different athletes dedicated to the problem!

The Adventure

Week 1: I began with bold weights and allowed myself leisure breaks.

tunde oyeneyin arm challenge review

Andi Breitowich / Sarah Leituala

My standard regimen features a respectable quantity of upper-body power coaching, so I began out with 3 lb dumbbells. I sought after to push myself from the beginning and gauge my development on a constant weight scale. However it’s worthwhile to completely do the regimen (magnificence date 5/29/20) with lighter weights or body weight. Accept as true with me, with Tunde main the price, you’ll nonetheless really feel the burn.

The primary week of the problem, I finished the arm regimen prior to every other workout. I sought after to look how my physique felt from the exercise on my own, with out including different workout into the combination. As expected, Tunde isn’t messing round. The primary minute is a mild warm-up to stretch and unfasten the muscle tissue, and the next 9 mins are immediately paintings. Whilst this system is a complete upper-body exercise, the strikes basically center of attention on biceps, triceps, shoulders, and again, concentrated on every muscle crew moderately similarly.

The workouts had been simple to be told. Not anything else used to be simple, regardless that.

TBH, the primary two instances I tried the exercise, I didn’t make it thru with none leisure. On each days I took a snappy destroy 5 mins in amid lateral raises. I sought after to stick enthusiastic about high quality and no longer compromise my shape, so a snappy shake out used to be vital. I used to be ready to renew the strikes and the burn at some stage in the exercise. Through the tip, my hands felt like noodles slightly ready to carry the dumbbells.

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On day 3, I were given used to the motion patterns and aware of the prime reps. At the final two days of the week, I used to be ready to make it thru all the magnificence with out resting. It used to be arduous and there have been instances once I truly sought after to take a snappy leisure, however I stayed robust. Actually!

Week 2: I blended runs with the arm exercises.

tunde oyeneyin arm challenge review

Andi Breitowich / Sarah Leituala

Through the second one week I used to be excited for a brand new regimen and new track (magnificence date 1/14/20). This time, I determined to finish the problem after my standard aerobic exercises. As a mid-distance runner, I ran my standard 4 to 5 miles first, after which finished Tunde’s arm regimen. And let me inform you, I completely spotted a distinction. Whilst operating is notoriously lower-body centered, I do take a look at to concentrate on my arm shape to max pace and effort. Pumping my hands does not look like a tricky exercise within the second, however I without a doubt felt extra fatigued once I picked up the weights.

Particularly, my triceps had been torched. Tunde loves to include triceps extensions, holds, and pulses. After the primary circuit, I needed to leisure for a couple of seconds. I felt my triceps quivering.

However in excellent information, my shoulders and biceps felt more potent. My entrance and facet lateral raises felt extra strong, and the long circuit of “serve the platter” strikes (which fits your shoulders and biceps) felt more straightforward.

As a wonder bonus, I additionally felt my core have interaction extra. Tunde cues keeping up a good, robust core robust all through the bent over triceps extensions and lateral raises. I may utterly really feel my core running.

Week 3: I in any case skilled a step forward with new strikes.

tunde oyeneyin arm challenge review

Andi Breitowich / Sarah Leituala

I had my first true step forward this week. Most often, at the first day of a brand new week (new magnificence date 12/21/19) my physique has to regulate, and my muscle tissue are just a little shocked. However this week, I felt noticeably more potent (I even texted my mother who’s on week 18 of the problem to inform her!).

Whilst I persisted to do the exercises after aerobic, hammer curls felt a lot more straightforward, my staying power all through cross-body punches stepped forward, and triceps holds and pulses, which can be notoriously my weakest hyperlink, didn’t really feel as tricky. Mainly, the entire exercise felt somewhat much less difficult. I felt robust and proud on the finish of every one.

Week 4: I noticed measurable steadiness and power development repeating the category I began with.

tunde oyeneyin arm challenge review

Andi Breitowich / Sarah Leituala

Week 4 of the problem used to be the similar magnificence as week one (magnificence date 5/29/20). To start with, I used to be just a little bummed that I’d be repeating it. That in reality became out to be the very best take a look at of my development. I used to be ready to match my power and skill 4 weeks aside whilst finishing the very same exercise.

Proper after the category I straight away spotted my biceps had been more potent. The biceps curl “restoration” in reality felt extra like a restoration! The triceps extension pulses nonetheless burned (so much) however I felt extra assured and strong.

Through the tip of week 4, my higher physique used to be feeling more potent than ever, and I noticed new muscle definition in my biceps, shoulders, and entrance delts. I additionally spotted that my core felt tighter and possibly a appeared little extra toned.

My Greatest Takeaways

tunde oyeneyin arm challenge review

Andi Breitowich / Sarah Leituala

1. Ten mins is longer than you suppose.

    Sure, it should look like a snappy exercise, however Tunde makes certain to maximise your time. As a result of there’s little restoration and the purpose is to stay shifting all the time, your hands are without a doubt fatigued by means of the tip and more likely to be sore within the morning! The low weight, prime rep style is the very best solution to get a snappy burn.

    2. The usage of gentle weights does no longer imply it’s simple.

      I can’t rigidity this sufficient. Don’t be fooled by means of the quantity at the dumbbells. Despite the fact that it’s a lighter weight, my hands had been briefly drained because of the prime reps. In spite of everything, research display that scaling again on weight whilst expanding reps is helping build up fast-twitch muscle fibers which enhance fast and robust actions in a brief period of time.

      3. Consistency is essential.

        I received’t lie, I used to be just a little apprehensive to start with to do the similar exercise 4 instances per week. I believed it could get simple and transform dull. I used to be indubitably unsuitable. I briefly discovered to like the consistency and liked having a solution to monitor my development. Additionally, if I used to be ever drained or had an off day, I knew I had extra makes an attempt on the identical exercise to make stronger.

        4. Actual power beneficial properties are imaginable in 4 weeks.

        On the finish of my shortened problem, I completely spotted and *felt* a distinction in my upper-body power. Even on days I didn’t desire a complete coaching sesh, this 10-minute magnificence used to be the very best bite-sized exercise. Plus, Tunde’s prime power, phrases of encouragement, and a laugh playlist all the time made me smile. I by no means sought after to leave out out. I without a doubt labored out extra regularly having the fast workouts on my agenda.

        Final analysis: I cherished the construction and consistency of the exercises. I noticed some critical effects, and I’d completely counsel giving this problem a shot.

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