How to Draw A Pretzel Easily

How to Draw A Pretzel. Food is often known for its visual complexity or great taste, but it doesn’t necessarily have to excel at both.

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However, some types of food fit both descriptions. The pretzel is one of them, as it is known as a tasty salty snack and is known for its distinctive, curved design.

However, this angled design can also make learning to draw a pretzel quite difficult.

Luckily, this tutorial is here to help you make it that much easier!

Our step-by-step guide to drawing a pretzel in just 6 steps will show you how easy it can be to draw this popular snack.

How to Draw A Pretzel

Step 1

As mentioned in the introduction to this guide to drawing a pretzel, it’s a snack known for its intricate design.

So it can be intimidating to take on the challenge of learning to draw, but we’re going to break it down into smaller steps to make it much easier.

We start with this first step. To start, you must draw a curved line that creates a long, rounded shape pointing to the left.

This shape has a gap at the top that will connect to other parts of the pretzel.

It might be hard to see how this shape will affect the design of the pretzel, but it will become clearer soon!

Step 2

To continue this pretzel design, we will add another small section. We drew another rounded shape using a curved line to do this.

This extends from the side of the section you drew in the previous step to the right side of the page.

Do your best to draw these lines exactly as they appear in our reference image, as their position is very important when adding more pretzels.

Step 3

Once the middle is drawn, let’s start drawing one of the top sections in this step of our how-to Draw a Pretzel guide. We’ll also draw one of the lower sections, so let’s start with that.

You can draw this bottom section using two curved lines below the two sections you drew in the first two steps. Next, we’ll draw a larger pretzel ring for the top.

This extends near the edge of the part sticking out to the right. It extends up and all around before connecting near the center of the design.

This can get tricky, but if you take it slow and follow the image closely, you can pull off this step easily!

Step 4

In this step of your pretzel design, you’ll add another large ring. The next loop runs to the left, mirroring the top right loop you drew.

This means it starts near the left-pointing section and runs up and around to connect near the middle.

Once you complete this section, you’ve completed all the difficult parts! In the next step, we’ll add some final details to bring this image to life.

Step 5

Now that the outline of this food is complete, we can add some final details to it in this next step of our how-to draw a Pretzel guide!

Pretzels often have tiny sesame seeds and grains of salt on their surface, and now let’s draw those details.

For those seed details, draw a few small teardrop-shaped shapes on the surface of the pretzel.

You can add more if you want! By adding small round shapes, you could also depict grains of salt on the surface.

Once you’re done, you can take this design further by adding an interesting background. You could show which dishes you would like to enjoy with this pretzel.

Step 6

Now that the details and elements of this image are complete, it’s time to finish off this pretzel design with some color!

Because of the ingredients used to make pretzels and how they are prepared, they are usually a darker brown color.

This is the color scheme we followed in our reference image, but while we mostly stayed with brown, we created a definition by tweaking the hues used.

Will you use shades similar to ours, or do you think you’ll make unique choices?

If you’ve drawn background details or other elements, don’t forget to color them in too!

Your Pretzel Drawing is Finished!

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