From Deer Blood Baths to Eating Quail Eggs

Rumors and speculation encompassing Vladimir Putin’s wellbeing have swirled in latest weeks as Russia’s globally-condemned invasion of Ukraine continues.

Russian news outlet Meduza has claimed that some of the Russian political elite are unhappy with the present-day predicament but consider that “only a major overall health challenge could drive the president from workplace.”

Between February 24 when the invasion began and May 27 this yr, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has killed 4,031 civilians in the nation including 92 women, 100 boys, and 69 kids whose intercourse was not however recognised according to the Office environment of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

When the Russian leader’s overall health is remaining questioned now amid rumors of cancer or Parkinson’s disease, media studies in the earlier have presented a pretty different photograph of Putin—one of a healthier president with a liking for sporting activities and a dislike of smoking cigarettes.

Right here are some things about Putin’s life style that have been noted in the latest yrs, nevertheless Newsweek could not independently confirm them.

From Deer Blood Baths to Eating Quail Eggs
Rumors and speculation encompassing Vladimir Putin’s wellness have swirled in latest months. In this blend image, Vladimir Putin rides a horse during his holiday outside the city of Kyzyl in Southern Siberia,2009. An insert of Quail eggs and a Deer each depicting some of the Russian Prime Minister’s wellness rituals from in excess of the several years.

His ‘Simple’ Eating plan

Different reports exist about how Putin’s eating plan is effective and what he eats. Again in 2014 Ben Judah, author of Fragile Empire: How Russia Fell in and Out of Really like with Vladimir Putin, wrote in a Newsweek report based on various interviews that the president tends to eat a late breakfast explained as “significant” that frequently incorporates cottage cheese. Judah also explained him as being fond of quails’ eggs.

Other experiences are more imprecise, which includes 1 from Pravda, a newspaper the moment owned by the Soviet communist party, which stated that he prefers wholesome food and has a liking for fish, although this is tricky to validate.

Most not long ago, Russian state-owned information agency TASS mentioned in March 2021 that Putin enjoys food stuff described as “straightforward” but avoids baked foods, citing an interview with Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov in the Argumenty i Fakty newspaper.

A Lack of Using tobacco and Consuming

One more assert attributed to Peskov is that Putin does not approve of smoking cigarettes and that there usually are not lots of people who smoke in the president’s near circle.

In accordance to TASS in 2019, Peskov told reporters: “The president has by no means accepted of cigarette smoking because he advocates a healthier life-style.”

As significantly as drinking goes, Putin is not teetotal and has even said himself that he would often get bottles of German beer despatched to him by Germany’s previous chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Angela sends me some bottles of Radeberger beer from time to time,” he explained in a 2018 campaign movie according to EuroNews.

Yet he has been crucial of Russia’s ingesting society and in 2010 put designs in position to cut alcohol intake in Russia in 50 % inside a decade. A Environment Overall health Firm report nine a long time afterwards located that Russia, which it claimed “has lengthy been thought of 1 of the heaviest-consuming countries in the entire world,” saw its alcohol consumption reduce by 43 p.c from 2003 to 2016.

Sporty Image

Putin playing ice hockey
A image of Putin taking part in hockey in Sochi, Russia in February, 2020. Putin has frequently been portrayed as sporty.
Mikhail Svetlov/Getty

It has extensive been regarded that Putin has a properly-crafted macho and sporty persona. More than the a long time numerous pics of the leader have been introduced by Russia’s presidential press support like snapshots of him hunting, traveling on a motorized hold glider, fishing shirtless, and taking part in hockey.

“As Putin reaches his 60th birthday, it really is pretty critical for him to portray the picture of vigor, youth, overall health, dynamism,” Clifford Gaddy, a Brookings Institute economist specializing in Russia, told Politico back in 2014. Putin is now 69.

Former U.S. president Barack Obama experienced a noteworthy view on the way Putin was presented or presented himself various yrs back. “My feeling is which is element of his shtick back property politically as seeking to seem like the hard guy,” he told NBC News.

Deer Blood Declare

Earlier this year, Russian investigative information outlet Proekt claimed that Putin would sometimes bathe himself in blood acquired from deer antlers—an action that is “torturous” for the animals but allegedly has well being rewards in accordance to its advocates, while there is not conclusive proof for this.

The activity was initially advised to Putin by Sergei Shoigu, then-head of the Ministry of Unexpected emergency Situations in the mid-2000s and Putin has allegedly long gone on to do it many situations.