EDDM vs. Traditional Direct Mail: Which is the Best Choice for You?

In case you are someone who thinks that direct mail marketing is outdated, you should think again. Direct mail can make an impact in ways digital marketing techniques cannot. Studies have shown that 90% of direct mail gets opened, while just 30% of email gets opened. It might be due to the lower volume of marketing messages a regular person finds in the mailbox.

Direct mail is quite strong but the options a business has when it comes to direct mail and the most effective choice. In this article, we are going to look at the different types of direct mail marketing- EDDM and targeted direct mail.

What is EDDM?

EDDM postcards are just what it sounds like. They get delivered to your home along a chosen mail route. The program referred to as ‘blanket advertising’ has been developed by the USPS. It is a way to reach out to all members of a certain zip code or neighborhood. Check out the benefits of EDDM postcard printing.

Benefits of EDDM

EDDM is a common choice for land-based businesses, which depends on having local customers living in the vicinity. With EDDM, you will be able to target specific USPS mail routes and send out your brand message to every potential customer along the route.

Cheaper Postage

One of the top benefits of EDDM is its lower postage price per piece. Since you are sending in bulk, the USPS offers considerably discounted rates. Moreover, unlike targeted direct mail, Every Door Direct Mail brochure don’t typically require an expensive postal permit.

No Mailing List Needed

Another significant benefit of using EDDM is the fact that you do not require a list of names and address to mail the postcards to. It is a big time-saver and appropriate for businesses, which do not have many customer details or budget for buying a list of individuals with demographics that are relevant to the business. The EDDM mapping tool lets you be strategic with the routes you are choosing by showing the household size, average age, and income of residents on a certain route.

Less Time Investment

EDDM will help in saving you time by being straightforward. The USPS has laid down specific guidelines in terms of weight, size, and thickness. While it restricts what you can mail, it makes your design decisions much quicker and easier.

What is Targeted Direct Mail?

When you mail marketing material just to target and potential customers you want it is called target direct mail. Recipients aren’t targeted just by location, instead ,they are targeted depending on a number of demographic factors, including age, gender, location, income, and education.

Benefits of Targeted Direct Mail

Targeted direct mail brochure printing is a precise technique in comparison to EDDM as it uses mailing lists to deliver a brand message just to those you have considered to be relevant. It lets you focus your money and time on individuals who believe will have the highest conversion rate.

High Response Rate

With more than four times more responses, this marketing method can garner a considerably higher average response rate in comparison to EDDM. As it is likely a key metric you will use for deciding the effectiveness of direct mail brochure printing, it is perhaps the most robust argument for using targeted direct mail.

Creative Flexibility

Unlike direct mailers, which are a part of the EDDM program, targeted mail pieces aren’t limited by quantity or size restrictions. As targeted direct mail pieces are treated just like regular mail, they can open the door for quad-fold or tri-fold designs, larger packages, and special UV treatments.

Personalization Possibilities

In the realm of marketing, targeted direct mail stands out as an exceptionally effective strategy, primarily due to its ability to deliver highly personalized and tailored marketing materials directly to individual recipients. The key advantage lies in the capacity to craft messages that speak directly to the interests and preferences of each individual, resulting in significantly higher response rates compared to more generic approaches.

Which is a Better Choice?

Selecting the most suitable mail marketing method for your business hinges upon various factors, including your specific goals, available resources, and target audience. The EDDM method is a viable option for businesses primarily seeking to raise brand awareness without relying on intricate customer demographic information. The EDDM method is a viable option for businesses primarily seeking to raise brand awareness without relying on intricate customer demographic information.

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