Choose The Best Preschool Program For Your Kids

If your child is 2,3, or 4 years old, you may be wondering how to choose a preschool with the best preschool programs. Preschool is the first step for your child’s academic journey and can be the basis for all future learnings. Aside from learning the basics like the alphabet and numerics, preschool programs help in developing social skills like how to be independent and how to share. 

As a parent, deciding the best preschool for your child is one of the most critical decisions. The private school in Noida offers a range of preschool curriculum activities to help you develop your child’s skills. 

Read more about choosing the best preschool program for your kids. 


Montessori Curriculum

The Montessori Curriculum offers the children five areas of study – practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language, and culture. Each learning area comprises a set of Montessori materials, which helps the kids develop their skills. Through repetition and practice, the children develop a fundamental understanding of each material and their skills. 

The best preschool in Noida offers the best Montessori Curriculum and helps the children develop their core competencies. The various key curriculum areas involved in the Montessori Curriculum include

  • Practical life: Independence, social life, and care. 
  • Sensorial: Colors, shapes, dimensions, taste, and sound. 
  • Mathematics: Numbers, Counting, addition. 
  • Language: Oral language, vowels, consonants, early learning skills, reading, writing. 
  • Culture: Music, art, science, history. 



This preschool curriculum program has a more workbook style and academic approach. This curriculum covers social studies, math, science, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and creative cooking. If you are searching for a preschool program with plenty of worksheets, this program is right for your child. This program provides the children with 40 weeks of worksheets and activities. This curriculum program offers the children an interactive learning environment. 


Oak meadow

Oak Meadow is a preschool curriculum that mainly emphasizes imagination and creativity. This curriculum program entails playing, singing, nature walks, and storytelling. This preschool program lays the foundation of learning, and this program remains with the children throughout their schooling years. You can opt for this program to make your children creative and make their preschool days full of laughter and fun. 


The peaceful preschool

The Peaceful Preschool has a gentle curriculum designed to help you prepare your child for school while enjoying great books and activities together. This curriculum program helps cultivate your child’s motor skills and ensures their success at Noida International school. The Peaceful Preschool will help you develop strong auditory, visual, and motor skills for your child to provide your child with tools for academic success. This curriculum offers your child a guide that cultivates a love of literature and a passion for learning. 


FunShine Express

FunShine Express is a professionally designed curriculum for toddlers, infants, and preschoolers. The curriculum is designed to be unique, developmentally appropriate, and, most importantly, fun for the little ones. There are assessment tools for your child’s progress. The parents are actively engaged and involved through every step of the child’s learning adventure.

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