Best essential oil diffuser to order in Canada 2022

Best essential oil diffuser to order in Canada 2022

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A Canadian company leads the pack

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For many of us, working at home is here to stay. We’re going through the process of elevating our home workspace, including an essential oil diffuser. Just like any other product, we want to balance quality and cost.

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No doubt about it, Saje, which was founded in Vancouver, B.C., is a go-to for all things essential oils and diffusing. We tried their Aroma In Bloom Ultrasonic Diffuser Kit and a few other less expensive options. 

Overall, we prefer the Saje diffuser because of the quality. Saje has a life-time guarantee on its diffusers. The diffusers we ordered from Amazon work, but we’re not confident that they’ll stand the test of time.

The best thing about this essential oil diffuser test, is that now, every day, without fail we select the perfect aroma to set the mood. Our homes smell great, the air is cleaner and we’re pretty sure aroma therapy is doing its job. 

Aroma In Bloom Ultrasonic Diffuser Kit


  • Mists for up to three hours continuously
  • Sleek ceramic cover
  • Optional, candle-like LED light feature which can serve as a night light
  • Automatic-shut off 
  • Ideal for a medium-sized room like a bedroom or kitchen

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We tried the limited edition Om model. This is the same thing, ($98) the only difference being it doesn’t come in the limited edition green colour.

The good

Quality: We would have tried other essential oils if we weren’t more than thrilled with the delightful offerings from Saje which are all completely 100 per cent natural with no junk or artificial scents added. 

Low maintenance: Add water, add oil and go. It’s also easy to clean. There’s a how-to on that from a Saje expert below.

Aesthetics: The diffuser is made from a sleek ceramic.

Works wonderfully: No doubt about it, turn this baby on and a strong stream of essential-oil infused air is released into the atmosphere in a manner that is not overwhelming but certainly does not go unnoticed, which is the point. 

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Overall: We are super happy with our Saje diffuser. Depending on which oil is selected, it brings a different vibe into the space everyday. A fresh, natural scent like Present Moment (earthy citrus, grapefruit and frankincense) makes it feel like the outdoors has somehow swept through your room and left its mark while something Liquid Sunshine (citruses blended with bergamot) targets your scents in a way caffeine cannot. 

Saje’s best-selling blend is Liquid Sunshine which is a mix of citrus scents. Deep Breath with its eucalyptus and peppermint in a refreshing blend is also a popular essential oil choice.

Because diffusers are actually good at clearing the air, literally, it does leave the space feeling clean. We adore what a good diffuser can do to purify while infusing your air with natural essential oil blends. It also releases negative ions to reduce dust, pet dander and other airborne allergens.

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The not so good

Size: She needs a bigger belly. While the diffuser delivers on misting my space with scents reflecting or altering my mood (it’s mood-altering without the drugs) it just doesn’t last long enough. If you like to keep the diffuser running the entire day you will be replenishing the water several times. Not a big deal. But nice if you didn’t have to.

The buttons: There is one for lights and one for choosing whether you want a steady stream of mist or intermittent. They don’t really make sense, have no labeling and, yes, we read the manual. So we just randomly kinda hit them till it does what I like. Works fine.

Asakuki Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

Wanting a longer run-time (less up and down to replenish the water) we looked at two other diffusers we found on Amazon. We also figured if we found something, it would be a less expensive option.

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Not a bad option
Asakuki Premium Essential Oil Diffuser: ($36.99)This one is as advertised, comes with a remote and looks quite nice. And, its 500ml tank is larger than our Saje diffuser. The top is a solid white while the bottom is a lovely albeit faux light-coloured wood grain. It has a classy, Japanese sort of style to it.  

It works and it runs longer than the Saje diffuser. But alas, it really doesn’t deliver the scent-delighting mist with quite the same enthusiasm. Indeed, if we only had this one, we would truly be missing out on the superior function of the Saje option. 

It has pretty LED lights, an automatic shut-off and a remote. Though we don’t think a remote is necessary, it could be handy if your diffuser is a bit out of reach and you want to turn it on or off.

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Sort of impressed:

Camira Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Diffuser. ($38.95.) This one didn’t come with a remote because someone forgot to pack it into the box. It works without it but if you happen to want a remote, you might not get it. Seems to be a recurrent complaint with customers. We should have read the reviews first. 

Don’t know if this one is a lemon but it has a low, mechanical purr when it runs which just isn’t all things namaste. Like the Asakuki, it is white, but unlike the Asakuki it’s not a solid aesthetically-pleasing shade but rather it is slightly transparent and a bit plastic-looking. To be fair, that is when the LED lights are off. Turn them on and it slips through a stunning loop of colours, melting from lavender to blue, red, yellow and green. 

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We couldn’t get this to work initially. User error — forgot to remove a piece of packing from the essential oil tank. Oops. And it didn’t have the remote. That said it can still operate without it by buttons on the device. 

So, we reached out via Amazon to the manufacturers and also directly. As people who believe customer service is a dying art and what often divides good companies from great ones in a competitive marketplace, we were not impressed. 


We are sticking with Saje for our diffuser needs. It’s a bit more pricey but it’s all they do and they are good at it. And, their customer service is great. I stopped in a retail location to ask questions and found they were a legit encyclopedia on the topic. Love it when people know their products. 

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We’d like to wrap with a cautionary tale. If you like your Saje diffuser you will probably like their Pocket Farmacy Mindful Edition ($68). It’s an essential oil kit collection of five 6 ml essential oils, “emotionally-supportive blends.” They are roll-on and perfectly fit in your pocket so you can deliver a dose of whatever scent suits you throughout the day. To your temples, wrists, neck. 

We hear it’s good for migraines. 

We bought it for the pretty Saje zip-up carrier case which is about the size of a chubby cell phone. Already thinking about repurposing, maybe a wallet, a small purse in future.

Diffusers for Dummies — the highlights

We spoke with Saje’s in-house expert to get some of the basics on bringing a diffuser home. Here, Kristin Rondeau, answers some of our questions.

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Pets: We long heard that diffusing essential oils and pets are not a good mix. And, yes, the health of the dog trumps our need to be calm, relaxed and lulled into a lovely state by dispersing lingering loveliness to the atmosphere. 

Good news, Rondeau says being smart and strategic (don’t put your diffuser right by your dog bed or cat tree,) everyone wins. It’s also preferable to have your diffuser in an open-concept area rather than in a tiny space. And, if your pet always leaves the room when the diffuser is on, you might want to look into that as an attempt at communication.

Not convinced or want to know more? Learn more here.

Choose wisely: We took Rondeau’s lead and decided to make our essential oil selection for the day a very conscious affair. We just don’t want to be treated to an essential-oil infused dose of serenity but want to tailor it to us.

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They multiply: Rondeau told us she has numerous diffusers throughout her home. Seems too much, we thought. Look at us now. Three and counting.

Clearing the air: Yes, a diffuser will fill the air with wonderful scents but it does more than that. When you run one, it literally clears the air. 

That’s because they create something called negative ions which mimic the experience of being in nature, says Rondeau. 

Think being near a crashing ocean surf, standing by a waterfall or taking a walk after a heavy rain — diffusers can recreate that sort of experience found in nature which leaves you breathing deeply and can boost your energy.

Essential oil, which is a fine cool mist with no heat or steam, once diffused sees negative ions bind to positive ions making things like dust and airborne toxins become too heavy to stay airborne so they drop from your breathing space.

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That is why there will often be rings of dust right where your diffuser sits, Rondeau says.

The extra moisture in the atmosphere is a side benefit (your plants will love it) but a diffuser will not replace a humidifier.

Tailor doses of oil to your preferences: If you are using your diffuser every day a standard size 10 mls of essential oils, which is 200 drops should last about a month. Some people will use 10 to 15 drops at a time while others wanting more subtle scents might only use four drops.

“The best place to put it is where you are going to spend most of your time,” Rondeau says. “If you want to get the most benefits of a diffuser, place it near you.”

Cleaning your diffuser

It’s simple and should take literally 30 seconds, says Rondeau. But, make no mistake, it’s required to keep your diffuser functioning properly or at all. By far, the number one reason for diffuser malfunction.

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Take rubbing alcohol (or Saje’s cleaning kit) and add a very small amount to a Q-tip. Clean the small disc at the bottom of the diffuser. Essential oil residue will lift very easily along with any staining elsewhere in the tank. 

How often you clean depends on diffuser use. For Rondeau that’s daily which means she cleans every one to two weeks. Finish with a good rinse but doing it the same way you cleaned, with a Q-tip or a bit of paper towel. Do not submerge the diffuser in water or put it under the tap. 

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