5 Highest Bicep Workouts To Get Biceps Like Lou Ferrigno

Lou Ferrigno, AKA The Hulk, is the definition of musclebound. Take a look at the ones fingers, however how did he get them? What is his secret workout regimen?

To determine, we have now compiled an inventory of the most efficient arm workouts you’ll do at house to get giant like The Hulk. This is the entirety you wish to have to find out about development muscle like Lou Ferrigno’s.

Highest Bicep Workouts To Get Hands Like Lou Ferrigno

Here is a have a look at 5 such workouts:

#1 Barbell Curl

Barbell curls are one of the elementary workouts for development dimension and power on your biceps. Construction huge biceps like Lou Ferrigno’s calls for you to focus on the entire heads of your biceps.

The barbell curl is an all-timer; it engages all of your biceps and leaves you with a killer pump. The proper solution to do a barbell curl is as follows:

  • Grip the bar with an underhand grip, hands dealing with clear of you.
  • Protecting your again flat towards the bench, carry the load the use of most effective your elbows, protecting them tucked in on the subject of your facets all the way through every rep.
  • Don’t elevate together with your shoulders or forearms—simply use them for steadiness in the beginning.


#2 Status Dumbbell Hammer Curl

The status dumbbell hammer curl is a straightforward workout that assist you to construct larger biceps. You can desire a dumbbell or barbell, relying to your desire.

Stand directly together with your ft reasonably aside and knees directly at 90 levels to keep away from harm all through this workout. With upper weight quite a bit, it can be vital so that you can stand on a bench and even use an assisted gadget so that you shouldn’t have to bend over an excessive amount of whilst appearing the curl movement.

Take hold of the dumbbell by means of retaining it with a impartial grip (hands dealing with every different). Lift it up in opposition to your shoulders by means of bending on the elbow joint until it is close to your shoulder degree. Slowly decrease go into reverse until you are within the beginning place once more ahead of performing15-20 repetitions in line with set (3 units overall).


#3 Incline Dumbbell Curl

Sit down on a bench, chair or sofa, and grasp dumbbells at your facets. Your knees can also be reasonably bent. Carry the dumbbells as much as shoulder peak whilst protecting your elbows on the subject of your frame (versus allowing them to flare out).


Slowly decrease the weights until they virtually contact your shoulders once more, and raise again up for one repetition.

#4 Preacher Curl

If you wish to have hulk-worthy biceps like Lou Ferrigno’s, the Preacher Curl is your easiest wager. This workout is excellent for separating and strengthening your biceps, in addition to build up forearm power.

To try this workout, arrange a preacher bench in entrance of a weight rack, or use a bench with an prone seat that has a barbell holder fastened at one finish (if you happen to shouldn’t have get entry to to this type of benches, you’ll nonetheless do that transfer).

Take hold of grasp of the barbell the use of an overhand grip, and position it on best of your thighs. Lay down at the incline, with each arms gripping the barbell firmly (you might want to alter how a lot weight you are the use of in accordance with what number of plates you’ve gotten to be had).


Protecting your elbows on the subject of your frame (however now not touching), carry them until they are parallel with the ground ahead of decreasing them go into reverse once more. Repeat until failure.

#5 Focus Curl

If you are taking a look to construct your biceps like Lou Ferrigno’s, focus curls are a really perfect workout initially. That is as a result of they assist isolate the bicep muscle and can also be finished the use of plenty of other apparatus, so they are very flexible.

This is how it is finished:

  • Stand in entrance of a bench or chair with a dumbbell in every hand. Your hands will have to be dealing with ahead however reasonably grew to become outwards in order that whilst you elevate your fingers up on the finish of every rep, the dumbbells are parallel to one another relatively than covered up vertically (like in an overhead press).
  • Protecting your elbows tucked shut into your facets, slowly decrease one arm whilst protecting it directly until it hangs simply above ground degree.
  • Cling this place for one to 2 seconds ahead of returning again up once more in opposition to chest peak. Be sure that to not lock out at any level all through this motion.


Make sure you cross until most effective about 90% vary of movement is left—you wish to have as little momentum as imaginable. Repeat ten occasions on every facet for 3 units in line with exercise consultation. Relaxation 30 seconds between units, and carry out each two days, if imaginable.


To get fingers like Lou Ferrigno’s, you wish to have to concentrate on now not simply the biceps but additionally your forearm muscle tissue.

Bicep workouts by myself would possibly not do it, so that you will have to incorporate the aforementioned 5 easiest bicep workouts into your exercise regimen.

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